The Fundación Fernández-Vega, at the Sanatorio Marítimo de Gijón

A team travelled to the Sanatorium on the 16th of October to perform around thirty eye examinations.

A team from the Fundación Fernández-Vega constituted by Dr Eva Vilota, optometrist Silvia García Peláez, secretary Vanesa Fernández and Abraham Álvarez, from maintenance, visited last October 16th the facilities of the Sanatorio Marítimo de Gijón to perform around thirty eye examinations to its residents.

This initiative constitutes the first project under the framework agreement between the Fernández-Vega Foundation and the Order of Malta in Spain to share experiences in order to achieve their respective objectives, allowing them to enter into national and international collaboration agreements in health programmes or ophthalmology surgical interventions.

The Hospital Foundation of the Order of Malta in Spain promotes the different social, philanthropic and welfare activities of the Order in Spain; to this end it has a stable team of volunteers.

The Fundación Fernández-Vega, brings together the social and patronage work of the Fernández-Vega family, aiming to humanise healthcare even across the Spanish borders; its objective is to facilitate access to services and ophthalmological provisions to disadvantaged collectives and individuals, as well as promoting prevention, training and awareness on eye conditions.


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