The Support Group to Mother Covadonga recognises the Fernández-Vega Foundation

Fernández Vega Foundation

This initiative began with the visit to Asturias in 2012 of the Dominican sister, who has  been working in Peru for more than 60 years. She quickly obtained the support and  encouragement of Victoria Cueto-Felgueroso, director of the Fernández-Vega  Foundation, and this led to the trip to Peru of Dr. Tomas Parra and the optometrist  Henar Morchón, professionals from the Fernández-Vega Foundation. In addition to  medical and surgical care, they provided glasses, eye drops and medicines to alleviate  ailments in this field amongst a population whose access to the necessary diagnoses and  treatments is extremely difficult. 

Victoria Cueto-Felgueroso especially thanked this group, which included a niece of  Madre Covadonga, for its visit and pledged to look at ways to continue the project,  which she described as very satisfactory, in the framework of the international charity  campaigns carried out by the Fernández-Vega Foundation in Asia, Africa and America. 

It should be remembered that the Madre Covadonga support group in Asturias collected  a figure approaching 60,000 euros towards the building of a clinic for the blind and  visually impaired in Ayacucho. 

In the photograph, from left to right: Gonzalo Macías, José Manuel Álvarez, José Luis  González , Andrés Fernádez-Vega, Victoria Cueto-Felgueroso. Henar Morchón. Araceli  Rodríguez, Dr. Tomás Parra, José García and Julio Álvarez.

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